SVMC M2 Build

With the help of Edge Motorworks Mountain View, and other select partners, the club is taking on the task of transforming a 2016 BMW M2 street car into a one of a kind M2 GTS track car.  Follow along as we outline the build start to finish.


part 1 - repeating the past

This build is all about taking an already capable M car and transforming it into what we think BMW could have done (should have done) with an M2 GTS.  But there is more to the story than that, as the inspiration for this project goes back to a build we did on a '95 E36 M3.


part 2 - Coding

While most of the build is about swapping OEM parts with aftermarket parts or fabricating parts to increase performance, with any modern car you should also consider code changes.  Here we talk about what code we changed, how, and who we used.


part 3 - wheels & tires

Time to swap out the stock wheels and tires to get more grip.  Here I talk about which wheel and tire package I went with and why as well as some first impressions from the track.


part 4 - cosmetics

This stage is about all show and no go.  Sometimes its not about going fast but looking good.  Here I talk about simple cosmetic changes to achieve a certain look for the M2.


part 5 - Power

Here I talk about the power upgrades I did to maximize the engine while maintaining a high degree of reliability.


part 6 - Half Cage

Possibly the most beautiful custom half cage ever built with complimentary rear seat delete panels.


part 7 - Racing Suspension & Brakes

Probably the most important upgrade of the build is the racing suspension and brakes.


part 8 - Racing Steering Wheel

Built in shift lights and center display, Alcantara, Carbon Fiber.....I love this steering wheel.


part 9 - Racing Seats

Sport seats are not the same as race seats.


part 10 - Aero

downforce, downforce, downforce


part 11 - Graphics

Showing the love to those that have supported me.


part 12 - Exhaust

Helping the SVMC M2 sound the part.


part 13 - Laguna Pipes

Helping the SVMC M2 pass sound at Laguna Seca.


part 14 - Data and video

Using data and video to become a better driver.


part 15 - Carbon fiber vented hood

A little bling to keep it cool.


part 16 - Dinan Fuel Pump

Doing what BMW should have done.


part 17 - More Codes

More codes for better track times.

up next

  • Part 18 - Rebuilt Diff

Parts List

Check out the SVMC M2 Parts List for who we used to build this one of a kind M2.

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