So It Begins

There are many great car events (and clubs) out there, but none really had what I was looking for. I wanted a club of mixed cars and bikes, as well as drivers, that simply wanted to get out there and experience the road on their terms.  So after thinking about it for months I decided it was time to put all this together and create a motor club (not a car club or a bike club, but a motor club) that welcomes enthusiasts, racers, and collectors alike to get together and talk, drive, ride, and race.

The hope is that we can get together at local car and coffee events, the occasional bar, concourses, race events, and track days.  Because the goal of this club is to cut across cars and bikes and marquees and events, this club will tap into other organization events.  If you are interested in joining head over to the Join page and see how you can stay connected and informed.