BMW M2 Build - Dinan Exhaust

For this build I tried to focus first and foremost on performance mods….but every now and then you need to do a mod simply to do a mod. I have had a few of those on this build but the most recent one is getting a Dinan free flow exhaust added to my Dinan resonator delete. While Dinan claims some performance enhancements for their exhaust system they are not material in my eyes. They are simply enhancements to make the car more enjoyable. Here is a great video highlighting the different options Dinan provides for the M2.

There are other systems that are louder or more exotic but the Dinan system is loud enough, 50 state legal, well fabricated, looks great, and reasonably priced. For all of those reasons I felt it was the right choice for the SVMC M2. Now I just hope I pass sound at Laguna Seca!!!!