BMW M2 Build - Custom Laguna Pipes

The last time I was at Laguna Seca I blew sound enough times that it almost ended my day. I ended up having to literally coast through turn 5 to pass sound (not fun). I started thinking about what kind of Laguna pipes I wanted. The issue is that I wanted them easily removable and I didn’t want them to scratch up the finish of my Dinan exhaust. So I came up with the design of putting the pipe extensions inside the Dinan tips and securing them with some simple bolts. I asked Edge Motorworks in Mountain View if they could fab them up and as always they were up for the challenge. They took it to the next level with some trick welding, stenciling their logo, and painting the pipes with matte black high temp paint. They simply redirect the sound away from the mic at Laguna but its enough to pass the strict 90 dB sound limit without having to lift or shift early. To be fair I do need to engage my electronic exhaust baffle as well but without a doubt these one of a kind pipes did the trick.