BMW M2 Build - Racing Steering Wheel with Display

Sometimes you do a mod to get better performance.  Sometimes you do a mod to achieve a certain look.  Other times you do a mod just because you know you will like it.  That is why I added the BMW M Performance racing steering wheel with built in display.  It just makes driving the car more fun and interactive. 


The steering wheel is wrapped in black Alcantara and finished with a matte carbon fiber trim.  The buttons, paddles, and airbag all come from your original steering wheel.  There are two buttons (one on the left and one on the right) for your thumbs to toggle between the functions of the display.  The center display has useful information such as oil and water temp as well as not so useful information like a lap timer.  While the lap timer and other monitoring functions work well, any respectful track driver would use a real data logger.  There are also shift lights to the left and right of the center display.  This might be the most useful (and fun) part of the steering wheel.  You can set the RPM threshold of the shift lights rather easily in the settings of the steering wheel.

I have taken the SVMC M2 onto the track a few times since this mod and while it doesn't make you faster it certainly put a smile on my face lap after lap.