SVMC showing support for FemPowered

As you can read from SVMC’s vision below I created this club with the idea that motor enthusiasts should simply get together and not get hung up on gender, age, brands, or specific events.

SVMC is a free to join social club for men and women drivers and riders that simply want to get out there and experience the road and track. We are a motor club that welcomes all enthusiasts, racers, and collectors alike to get together and talk, drive, ride, and race.
— SVMC's Vision

I am happy to say that SVMC has a handful of women members which I am very proud of, but at the same time surprised there are not more. While I understand motorsports might attract more men than women in general, I have seen plenty of women at various car and bike events. That leads me to think that there is interest from women but there must also be barriers.

FemPowered is a new organization that is focused on breaking those barriers to create a welcoming environment for women to express their inner motor head. The founders of FemPowered (Nancy, Erika, and Rhoda) have just begun the journey to help women get more connected around motorsports and SVMC is happy to support their effort. I hope to do more things with FemPowered over the coming years because what they are doing should be supported by all of us.

Here is more about FemPowered:

FemPowered was born out of a wish.  A group of women who each were involved in motorsports in their own way but wished there was a community to meet others like them.  So over mimosas one summer day, FemPowered was born.

Our goal is to create the women’s motorsport community that we were looking for.  A place for all women, from the diehard weekend track warrior to the casually interested fledgling.  A place to meet others like them, to learn from others, and most importantly, a place where we belong and are not alone.

Each of us realized how lucky we were to have either grown up around motorsports or had the support structure in place to start our journey.  But many women are not so lucky. For these women, FemPowered will be there for them. We will guide them, support them, and show them the path.  And when they are ready to make their own path, we will still be there.