RW Carbon

BMW M2 Build - Aero

Keeping with the theme, I wanted to make the SVMC M2 as track oriented as I could, while keeping with the GTS look.  So that meant putting on an aero package.  I wanted something that was streetable but functional on the track.  This is easier said than done as most streetable aero packages do virtually nothing on the track for downforce.  To accommodate both street and track I decided I wanted the aero package to be adjustable as much as possible so I could dial up or down the amount of downforce depending on the application. Most importantly, I wanted to make the aero package BALANCED.

You can't just slap a wing on the back but do nothing to the front.  You also can't put on a nice looking large front splitter but leave the rear untouched.  Doing one end of the car without balancing the downforce effects to the other end of the car might upset the car's grip profile to the point that you are doing more harm to your lap times than good.  So I had to find a package where the design of the parts were meant to work together.

That landed me with a front adjustable splitter that was modeled off of the M4 GTS and an adjustable racing wing modeled off of the M235ir factory race car.  There are a few companies making these types of aero package but in the end I went with RW Carbon out of SoCal.  They make affordable, nice looking, practical parts that accomplish what I was looking for.  I was pleased with the carbon fiber weave pattern and the fit of the parts to the M2 body.  I did have to upgrade all of the hardware that came with the parts to ensure the parts could stand up to some abuse on the track.  This meant replacing screws with bolts and adding more 3M tape in some places.  Also you will need to fabricate some support plates for the racing wing otherwise you risk bending your truck over time.  For this I had Edge Motorworks do the fabrication.

The front adjustable splitter was time consuming to install as you need to remove the bumper, but it was a rather simple process.  The splitter has three pieces: a support piece, the main splitter, and the adjustable plate.  What is nice about this design is that it is modeled right after the M4 GTS but scaled down to fit the M2, and thus follows the lines of the car perfectly.  It also allows for a couple inches of adjustability or you can quickly and easily remove the bottom plate to make it more streetable.  It also has some air ducts in the splitter that you could fabricate a mounting plate and hose to route to the front brakes if you wanted to.  This might be something I do over the winter. Since I had to remove the bumper to install the splitter I took the opportunity to also install a front camera system so that when I park I can avoid smashing the carbon fiber splitter into parking curbs. The front camera also makes loading and unloading the car in the trailer easy.

One thing I really liked about RW Carbon's racing wing was that you could order it with low towers or high towers as well as with racing end plates or GTS end plates.  With these options plus the fact the wing has some angle adjustability you end up with lots of choices and options to find tune the setup.  I bought both end plate and tower styles, but my go to setup will be the racing end plates with the high towers.

Lastly I did install some side skirts from RW Carbon which does not add any downforce or performance to the car, but does help tie the look of the various parts together.

Overall I am thrilled with the RW Carbon aero package I pieced together.  There are other aftermarket options, and some OEM options, but for the price and function you can't beat RW Carbon.  You might notice some quality differences here and there and you might need to beef up the mounting hardware but for the price RW Carbon is hard to beat.